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Week 4 Day 2

The end of another day..... I know today has been hard for some of you with staying motivated, the weather probably hasn’t helped. You are all doing so well and managing to do what you can in very different situations. I am here if you want any help or just to voice frustrations! We are going out for our daily walk but I’m not as enthusiastic today due to the rain just starting. I am going to do a family game before bedtime today as we haven’t had one for a while. Let me know if you have been playing any fun games. I think it will be Monopoly tonight as Toby’s been doing lots of money work in maths today. Have any of you done the smiley face pictures? I will have a look on my walk.

Have a lovely evening,

Mrs Dixon




Good morning everyone.

Unfortunately the sun isn’t shining but hopefully we can still have some fun! I know you enjoyed doing the rainbows- this weeks painting for your window is smiley faces. I would love to see them added to your houses when I go for my daily walk! Today you have got some more pet work to do for your Literacy with a song to listen to first. You should enjoy drawing the pictures and adding the sentences. Don’t worry if it is not in a poem format! I look forward to seeing your work!

Using BBC Bitesize today it is partitioning numbers to 50 and also learning about France in Geography. Have fun! I know some of you enjoyed the work yesterday on Martin Luther King. Have any of you been on the hoopla hooping videos. I have and unfortunately my hoopla hooping is not up to hooping and moving my arms at the same time- I am hoping to get better though! 

You may have heard on the news that there is a minute silence today at 11 am. This is to pay tribute to the NHS and key workers who have died battling the Coronavirus pandemic. I know lots of you have joined in on the Thursday clap outside your doors and may wish to join in with this too. 

Challenge for the day....Think of a traditional story. Can you retell it to someone in your family or a teddy from a different viewpoint? For example you could tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood but from the viewpoint of the wolf. 

Have a great day

Mrs Dixon

Good morning Year 1 – have you had your breakfast yet? I’ve had my Weetabix now so ready for the day!


I have another Purplemash task for you today – we have recently looked at some of the small creatures we might find outside so I thought today we could design a butterfly!


- Login to PurpleMash

- In search type Butterfly

- Under the ‘Other’ heading click on Butterfly (the bright red butterfly)

- Click Launch App

See how bright and colourful you could make your butterfly! Send me your pictures – I love to see your designs!

Enjoy your day, Mrs Ball smiley