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Week 3 Day 5

Well that's another week done Year 1!


Well done to all of you who have been doing your best to complete the tasks that I have set.  The gallery is jam packed with lovely examples of your work and it has been really lovely to see all your emails and message so that I know you are all OK.  If you are checking the website each day for your tasks and having a go at whatever you can manage then you are doing a good job!  


I am going to pick Isabelle for Shooting Star this week.  It was a difficult choice because so many of you have done so well, but she has sent me work in every day to a super standard, has tried really hard and made me laugh with her funny music video yesterday! Well done Isabelle!


Mrs Dixon will be running the website next week and setting your learning tasks so have a great week with her!  She is looking forward to being in touch with you all and has been keeping an eye on our Gallery and Easter Fun pages this week.  


Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Mrs E x yes heart


Happy Friday everyone!


I hope you enjoy your tasks for today.  There is Mathletics and a Reading Eggs assignment and you can carry on practicing telling the time - some of you have got really good according to your grown ups.  If you have mastered half past and quarter to/past, have a go at 10/20 to and past.  


Harold has written another entry into his diary if you Google 'Harold's Diary' and he is talking about friendship today which links to your PSHE task.  I have attached the sheet that you will need for that task onto this page.  


If you enjoyed the music task yesterday, Sing Up (the people who do the songs for our singing assemblies) have made some resources to use at home so have a look at their website They have put on a 'Song of the Week' for everyone in the country to learn to help us feel closer.  Mrs Marr would like as many of us as possible to learn the song and then sing it at 3pm each Friday (every Monday there will be a new song).  It will be nice to think that we are all doing something together at the same time and then when we are all back together at school we will have a lot of new songs to enjoy.  You will find the song at 


Red Word Spelling of the day = SCHOOL


Have a lovely day everyone,


Mrs E x

Morning everyone! Hope you are all ok smiley

With this lovely weather I've noticed a lot more wildlife and insects around which is great to see! So today I have attached a little Minibeast Hunt for you! Attached is a sheet with lots of minibeasts to spot when your outside. See how many you can spot over the next few days. Don't worry if you can't print out the sheet just write down or draw the creatures you have seen. 

It will be interesting to see how many we can spot!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and that the sun keeps shining,

Mrs Ball smiley