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Week 7 photos

Picture 1 William's wonderful work
Picture 2 William's maths work
Picture 1 Alice's fabulous arrays
Picture 2 Alice's counting by grouping
Picture 3 Jack's challenge answer
Picture 4 Luke seems happy with the challenge answer!
Picture 5 Toby cracking the code
Picture 6 Toby's musical instrument
Picture 7 Busy, busy, busy!

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Still image for this video
Alice's music work
Picture 1 Alice has decorated a bird house
Picture 2 Alice's challenge
Picture 3 Edward designed a card for me
Picture 4 Edward's work about swallows
Picture 5 Jack's work about feathers
Picture 6 Jack's Geography work
Picture 7 Jack's work about swallows
Picture 8 Luke's challenge (loving the costume!)
Picture 9 Olivia and Sophia have got their own caterpillars
Picture 10 Olivia and Sophia's work about feathers
Picture 11 Toby's challenge
Picture 12 Toby's maths
Picture 13 Toby's always busy!
Picture 1 Eddie's facts about swallows
Picture 2 Jack wrote a poem for me
Picture 3 Luke's challenge answer
Picture 4 Luke busy at work
Picture 5 Lucy's literacy
Picture 6 Olivia's facts about swallows
Picture 7 Sophia's facts about swallows
Picture 8 Toby's literacy
Picture 9 Toby's science
Picture 1 Alice's challenge work
Picture 2 Alice's arrays
Picture 3 Daniel's literacy
Picture 4 Eddie's literacy
Picture 5 Jack's challenge work
Picture 6 Lori's literacy
Picture 7 Olivia's very proud of her literacy
Picture 8 Olivia and Sophia busy with arrays
Picture 9 Sophia's literacy
Picture 10 Toby's challenge work
Picture 11 Toby's Geography
Picture 12 Toby's facts about birds
Picture 13 Toby's literacy
Picture 14 William's literacy
Picture 15 William's maths
Picture 1 Toby busy with his home learning
Picture 1 Alice's art work
Picture 2 Alice has found out about birds
Picture 3 Alice's challenge answer
Picture 4 Edward made a friend!
Picture 5 Edward's facts about birds
Picture 6 Edward made another friend!
Picture 7 Edward's party list
Picture 8 Edward's challenge answer
Picture 9 Jack's literacy
Picture 10 Jack's facts about birds
Picture 11 Jack's poster
Picture 12 Luke and Seth had a woodland adventure
Picture 13 Toby's challenge
Picture 14 William's poster
Picture 15 William's maths