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Week 5 photos

Jack's delicious homemade cheesecake.
Luke's challenge answer.
Toby's maths.
Toby's pizza.
Toby's science.
Toby is keeping busy.
William's maths.
Alice's challenge.
Eddie's work
Isabelle's pizza
Jack's maths
Jack's recipe
Sophia's maths
William's baking
Edward used scrabble letters for the challenge.
Busy Eddie!
Eddie's recipe
Jack's geography
Jack's maths work
Jack's mouse toast
Olivia's pizza
Sophia's maths work
Sophia's pizza
Toby following a recipe
Toby's sports day
Edward has made a fort
Edward's lego ship
Edward'sfort complete with snacks!
Jack following a recipe
Jack's History work
Toby's history work