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W/B 12th Oct 2020

Hello and welcome to another week!  Every day please log into your Mathletics and Reading Eggs accounts and complete at least one activity on there, then look below for each day's lessons that you can do so that you are keeping up to date with those of us in school.  



This morning our focus is Maths.  Can you double all of the numbers from 1-10? Try using different objects to help you like lego bricks or pieces of cereal!  We are working on adding this week.  Ask a grown up to give you a number in the teens and then a single digit number to add e.g. 13 + 4 = ?  You can work out the answer using objects to count and help you like with the doubling or put the big number in your head and count on.  Do a few until you get really confident - good luck!


In science today we will be looking at which animals are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.  Carnivores eat meat, herbivores only eat veg/plants and omnivores eat both!  Can you think of some examples of different animals for each category? What would an elephant be?  A lion?  A rabbit?  Humans?


Next we will be looking at how animals can keep safe by camouflaging themselves.  See if you can 'google' some pictures of animals who can camouflage and talk with your grown up about how effective you think they are.  Now imagine you are playing hide and seek in a forest.  Can you draw and colour a T-Shirt design that would help you camouflage and stay hidden so that you could win the game?  Think about what colours and patterns would work the best.  I can't wait to see your design.  I will give a prize from our class treasure chest for the best one so make sure you email me your work so that I can include yours when I judge!


Have a lovely day,


Mrs Egan smiley



This morning our focus is Literacy.  We will be spending this week writing a Non-Chronological Report using the writing frames that I have added below.  This kind of report uses headings, facts and pictures to tell someone about a specific thing, in our case - the Emperor Penguin.  Look at the writing frame with your grown up (we will be using the one with the headings already on in class).  Talk through what the headings are and what you could write for each one about Emperor Penguins.  You can use the powerpoint below to find your ideas if you can't quite remember.  Then I would like you to fill in the boxes for where they live and what they eat today, using beautiful handwriting and full sentences. Take extra care with your letter formation.

In PE today we are practicing different ways to travel and roll.  Can you do a really good pencil roll?  We have done these in class over the last few weeks, remember to touch your ears with your arms to keep the pencil shape pointy!  Can you practice different ways of travelling around the room?  Can you move like a caterpillar?  A bear?  A snake?  An elephant?  A frog?  A bunny?


In PSHE we are talking about how important it is to listen to others.  Talk with your grown up about how we can tell if someone is listening well to us (eye contact, not fidgeting, not interrupting).  Tell your grown up 3 interesting things and see if they can repeat them back to you.  Now swap over, can you remember everything your grown up tells you?  Who was the better listener?  Look at the scenario below...


At playtime Izzy and Toby are playing.  Liv asked to join in but they don't hear her.  Liv then falls over and they both laugh at a joke they are telling.  Liv thinks they are laughing at her and walks away.  


How does Liv feel?  Do Izzy and Liv know how she feels?  Whose fault is it?  Would things have been different if the children listened more carefully?


When we don't listen - what happens?  Things often go wrong and people can become unhappy.  What if we don't listen in class?  What might go wrong then?


Have a great day, I look forward to seeing your work!


Mrs E x