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Week 2 Day 3

Half way through the week everyone! I was impressed by all your work yesterday- you are all keeping busy! Let me know if you do extra, fun activities that others might enjoy and I can put on our page! I know some of you have done baking, horse riding and played some fun board games. Today your challenge is to find 5 objects and order according to size. This could be done inside or outside- have fun, no rush....complete through the day.

I am so pleased you’re all sending me your pictures of where you are when you go out on your walk. Yesterday Edward and I were at Sharneyford park. Well done to all those who guessed correctly! Where is Wally today?


Good luck with your work today...Keep going with the money. I look forward to seeing your good deeds! Try and be inventive- not just putting 5 things in the bin! I will most certainly be getting my boys to join in!

Have a lovely day...

Mrs Dixon


Hello Year 1 – hope your all having a good week.

I have a little challenge for you today – can you draw a character from one of your favourite books? It could be the Gruffalo, a fairy tale character or a Ninja Turtle – you choose! You could use pencils, crayons or draw it on the computer. If you use the computer use the 2paint App:


-Login to PurpleMash

- Click on TOOLS (pencil case icon)

- Scroll down the page a little and under the ART & DESIGN section, click on 2Paint (coloured pens icon).

- Click Launch App


It would be great if you could label your picture – tell me who the character is. You could even write me a sentence to say why you like the book.

Have a lovely day, keep creative smiley Mrs Ball

End of another day...they are going so quickly! I hope you enjoyed your tasks and have been helpful at home today. I have enjoyed seeing your work..I will post later tonight so everyone has chance to complete and send. It has been a bit cold today but I went for a walk and saw a few amazing rainbow pictures. I know one of them is Brody Newman as it was labelled...

Super work Brody!!!

Speak to you all again tomorrow.

Mrs Dixon