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Summer 2 week 7 Monday

The end of another wet day. Thank you to all of you who have sent me your work- some super work on time! I’ve been having electrical work done and my power has been on and off all day so this would only just load now 🤦‍♀️ I hope you all have a lovely evening, Mrs Dixon

Good morning everyone, I hope this finds you all rearing to go today on our final Monday together as Year One. I look forward to seeing group one back in school this week and hearing all their news. I know you all are looking forward to the holidays. Have any of you got exciting plans ahead? I think I’m going to try and go camping, but I’m waiting to see what the weather is like! I hope you enjoy the activities planned for you today. I know time is always a good one to continually practise with both analogue and digital for maths. Your science lesson is faster, further and higher- sounds fun! I know lots of you have been enjoying Mathletics too- lets see if you can get 1 more certificate this week!

Challenge today- can you do things with your other hand? Can you brush your teeth with your non dominant hand? Write your name? Let me see what you can do! 

Have a good day, 

Mrs Dixon