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Week 3 Day 1

Well, that's our first day of the Summer term complete!  It's not exactly how we would have liked things to be, all of us being separated and at home but well done to those of you who have been able to make the best of it!  Well done to Elsie, Harriet, Sam, Lottie, Aimee and Noah who have all emailed me pictures of their work and Easter activities, it's been lovely to see and hear from you- have a look at the pics on our Gallery and Easter Fun pages.  I have been working at home too - today I have done some online paediatric first aid training and added some things to our RRSA section of the website, as well as looking through your work sent to me, updating the website and looking at ideas for future work tasks.  If you haven't had chance to send me your work yet, don't worry, just send it when you can.  I will see you all tomorrow morning for new tasks!


Have a lovely evening,


Mrs E x


Good morning everyone!  Welcome back to online learning!  


It's me, Mrs Egan running the website this week, I hope that you have all had a lovely holiday and managed to have lots of fun at home.  It would be lovely to see what you have been up to over the Easter break, so I have made a section on our webpage called 'Easter Fun' for us to share all or exciting times together, so go and have a look for more details!  


It is sad that we aren't all back together in the classroom yet, but I am looking forward to seeing all the lovely work that you email to me this week.  Todays tasks are all on the weekly overview and should be straightforward.  Remember to do the daily tasks as these are the most important to keep your skills fresh.  Have you been reading Harold's Diary?  He is looking at wellbeing today.  I have put some examples of family trees below to give you ideas for your topic task but you can do it any way you want to, these are just in case you are not sure.  


After your Mathletics, for the maths task, ask your adult to find the Topmarks website for you, there are lots of time games on there that you can use this week.  Search - Topmarks - maths - KS1 (5-7)     There are lots of games to support this weeks maths work on time - Telling the time, Time tools, Telling the time in words, On time, Match the times, have a look and find the ones that are best for you, let me know in your emails which ones you have played on.


Red word spelling of the day - can you learn to spell WHERE correctly?  Practice writing it in different colours, in chalk, paint, pencil, bubble writing or other materials.  Get a grown up to test you during the day.


If you need any help or have some lovely work to send me, this is my email address;


Have a lovely day Year 1,


Mrs E x


Family Tree Examples

Hello Year 1, hope you all had a great Easter! I’ve eaten a lot of chocolate, have you?

I have an ‘Alien’ task for you today – we all love drawing aliens in class – lets see if you can create an alien picture and type a sentence about it.


- Login to PurpleMash

- In search type Aliens

- Click on Alien Captions (the little yellow alien)

- Click Launch App


This App gives you some pictures to add and some words to help you with your sentence. You could also give your Alien a name – remember how we used to name an alien using our Read Write Inc. Sounds. Maybe use the sound “OO” in the name ie ZOOP. Have a go at changing the size of the pictures – drag a picture onto your work and use the box around it to change its size or angle. Have a go! 

Have a great day, Mrs Ball smiley