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 Our question for RE this half term is all about Christianity, and asks "How (and why) have some people served God?"


Following the examples of leaders is an important idea for Christians and we'll be looking at leaders in the Bible who Christians believe set a good example for others to follow. To begin with, we'll just look at the idea of being a leader and why people often want someone to follow. 


We'll look at three very famous, but also very different, leaders from the past who people followed.

Have a look at the clips on Queen Elizabeth I:

Winston Churchill:

And Nelson Mandela:


Each one of these people led in very different times, but lots of people followed them. Why do you think this was - what made them leaders that people want to follow? Was it the same for each leader? Make a short list of bullet points about what you think they showed as a leader.


For example, for Queen Elizabeth I, I might put

- Confidence. Even though men at the time thought women would be bad leaders, Elizabeth didn't listen to them and believed in herself to prove them wrong.