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Week 12 Tuesday

Good morning my little cherubs!

Hope you're all happy and full of energy today!

Let's have a look at what you got up to yesterday.


Ollie wrote a fabulous story for our Literacy work.

Max started his beautifully colourful dragon facts sheet!

Zak managed to play our maths game with his brother!

Well done boys!

Okay, thinking caps on! Let's get learning!



Watch and enjoy this clip from Hotel Transylvania – Welcome to Hotel Transylvania scene:

Hotel Transylvania (2012) - Welcome to Hotel Transylvania Scene

Discuss: Which is your favourite monster in the scene and why? Write a short paragraph explaining this.


Now read and enjoy this extract from Stitch Head by Guy Bass:



Investigate some of the vocabulary that is unfamiliar, e.g trundled, toiling, creation, peculiar, administering, rafters, behold, witnessed.

Discuss the meaning of these words with an adult, or use a dictionary to help you understand them.

Discuss these questions together. Then write down the questions and your responses.

How does Stitch Head feel about the professor creating all these new monsters?

How does the professor feel about creating all the new monsters?



Hop on Reading Eggs - seems the task I set didn't work. Nevermind! Go on what you choose. IT may be that you choose to listen to The Enchanted Wood today :) 



Super thinking caps on! Here is a special challenge for you today!


Have a go at this dragon quiz!