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Week 7 Day 1

Good afternoon all!


Well done everyone who has been engaging in their learning today.  I am just finishing up in school so it has been a very different day for me but it has been nice to see some of the key worker children and have a chance of scenery!  I will upload work that I have received and add more so don't worry if you haven't sent me any yet!


Have a good evening  - I'll be back tomorrow!


Mrs E x

Happy Birthday Elsie!

Good morning everyone!


I hope you have all had a good weekend and are ready for another week!  I am in school today and tomorrow looking after some of the Key Worker children, so I may be a little slower replying to messages but I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.


So - Maths is all about measuring this week on the BBC Bitesize daily lessons and don't forget if you can there is Mathletics too.   Literacy is on the Lancashire plan saved in the weekly overview tab of the website.  Rumble in the Jungle this week - one of my favourites!  There are also tasks each day set on Reading Eggs.  I have set you a music task for this afternoon, I love music so am looking forward to your ideas for this one!  You can also have a look at learning the Sing Up song of the week too!


An extra task for any of you who are interested this week is attached below - the Rossendale Virtual Mile - it could be an ideal way to get some PE done as that is tricky to do on a computer!  It has been organised by Rossendale Leisure Trust, have a look and let me know if you are getting involved! All the details are included on the attachment and families can join in too!  It starts today and will run for 2 weeks, I believe there may be prizes!  Good luck!


Have a great day Year 1, there are lots of things for you to do but remember if you can't get everything done that is fine, as long as you are trying your best on the things that you do  - take care with presentation!


If you need me here is my email:


See you later,


Mrs E heart


PS:  If any of you need the extra Read Write Inc. sounds after Set 3 I have put a pic of my master copy sheet below yes



Read Write Inc. Set Sounds plus extras

Rossendale Virtual Mile

Hello all, hope you enjoyed the weekend. laugh


When the sun is shining we all like to eat ice lollies don’t we! So today can you design your own lollipops!! 

- Login to PurpleMash

- Type Ice Lollies in search

- Click on the Ice lollies icon

- Click Launch App


This App allows to you add lots of different textures such as sprinkles, cream and chocolate! Yum Yum! Let’s see who can make the tastiest looking ice lolly!


Send me your designs – I’d love to see them!


Enjoy your day! Mrs Ball