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Week 3 Day 4

Well done Year 1 and parents, another day done!


My goodbye is a bit later this afternoon as it is my day off and I have just been for a walk in the woods with my two crazies to enjoy the beautiful sunshine!  We were very luck today and saw 2 squirrels and a deer!  I hope you have been enjoying the fresh air too!


Well done for all the super work - I have seen some nice ideas on Purple Mash - Lottie did a really good letter to Baby Bear, well done!  I was particularly impresses with those of you who had a go at the Music and Art challenge - Isabelle and Harriet sent me wonderful video clips which really made me smile - if I can I will add them to the gallery!  


Have a lovely evening my little people, don't forget to clap at 8pm for all the Key Workers!


See you tomorrow - Friday - yay! laugh


Mrs E x




Good morning my lovelies!wink


I can't believe it is Thursday already!  I hope you have a good day.  Mathletics has been set for you all, one or two of you have almost completed every Mathletics activity now which is amazing!  Sam you have done them all and got 100% on every single one which is a huge achievement well done.  If and when you do finish every task, you can still go onto Mathletics and choose your own tasks to practice and also have a go at the Live Mathletics as this will help to keep your mental maths skills nice and speedy!  Everyone has a Reading Eggs assignment again today too, remember to see the assignment you have to log out of Reading Eggs and then back in otherwise it will not appear on your pageyes


Most of your activities are online today.  If you are having any problems with the websites that I have asked you to use then don't worry - the Purple Mash activity you could just do in your work book instead and for the music task you could listen to any piece of music and draw/write about it.  The music/art task is a nice one to do outside in the sunshine if it isn't too windy!  If you have any problems or questions, just email me


Red Word Spelling of the day is WHO


Harold has written in his diary again too - all about being kind which links to the work that we did yesterday, so have a look at his page if you have time heart


Have a great day everyone,


Mrs E x

Hi all, another lovely day outside!


I gave you a big computer task yesterday so I thought I would put on a different challenge today. Last term we had a go at drawing portraits of our friends. Could you draw a picture of someone from Year 1? It could be one of your friends or a teacher. You could use pencils, crayons, paints – whatever you have available. 


I always love looking at your drawings – we have sooooo many artists in Year 1. Can’t wait to see your pictures.smiley


Enjoy the sunshine, Mrs Ball