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Thursday 21st January

Good morning Reception Class.  Here is your learning for today.


Maths - 

I am learning to halve a number. 

Children to count out an even number of counters up to 20.  Using 2 plates, explain that they are going to share the counters equally (they may wish to share between toys).  Explain to children that to halve something means to share equally between 2.  Have the children halve the counters by saying ‘1 for you, 1 for you’ until all of the counters have been shared out.  Children to then count how many are on one plate and check that there is the same amount of the other plate.  Children to say back ‘half of __ is __’ 


Literacy - 

I am learning to write a sentence. 

 Inuit people have lots of different hobbies.  What hobbies do you have?  Draw a picture and write a sentence starting ‘I enjoy.....’ try to think of two things you enjoy and use the word and to link these together in your sentence.


Phonics - 

Rag the Rat – Read all of the book and then ask children to correct this sentence checking for capital letters, spellings and full stops –  

rag teh rat with His top hat 

Nog in the Fog – Sam gets a shock - Page 14 

Comprehension questions 


Letters to practice – w, k, d, t, g, p 

Hold a sentence – Sam hit his net on a rock. 

Letters to practice – w, k, d, t, g, p 

Words to write – kid, dig, got, dog, wit 

Practice all sounds verbally. 

Fantastic home learning 🌟🌟🌟

Excellent blending Zac

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