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Week 8 Tuesday

Good Morning!

Well hello my lovely little class! Nice to be back.

Hope you all made the most of the amazing weather we had during our half term week. I’ve loved every second of it, sitting in the garden and reading my book. It’s been amazing! Send some pictures in of all the things you’ve been up to and I’ll help you share them with your classmates 😊


Over the half term, Blair sent in pictures of his fishing! Look at this beautiful big fish he caught!

Well, we best start powering our brains up for the day!



This week, we’re looking at Fun in the Forest.

Listen to and enjoy this story Into the Forest by Anthony Browne



Into the Forest

Discuss the story and create ideas for your own new story about a walk through the woods.

Which characters from traditional tales or nursery rhymes might you meet?

Humpty Dumpty? The Gingerbread Man? The Three Little Pigs? Little Red Riding Hood?

You could listen to some more tales here;


Create a story plan for your new story. What might these characters offer you for Grandma’s sweet fruit cake? The Gingerbread Man could offer you a gumdrop button!

Head over to Purple Mash and complete the story board I’ve set for you.



I honestly can’t say this enough but if you go on Reading Eggs every day for 30 minutes you’ll be absolutely on target with your reading! It’s the same curriculum we follow in school and reading aids every other part of your school curriculum so it’s really important you put time aside every day for this program.

HOWEVER, in class, we would be reading The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton. It’s my absolute favourite! So, if you fancy a break from Reading Eggs during the week, listen to this story. It’s incredible! I will be setting some tasks in the afternoon based on this story so it would be really helpful if you try to listen to 20 minutes each week. It’s an incredible story based on three children going on a magical adventure!



Enchanted Woods by Enid Blyton Audiobook


This week, we’re going to focus on rounding number to the nearest 10 and 100.

We have done this in class so this is a refresher this week but it’s very important you know how to because we use it later with addition and subtraction questions!

Just remember our class rhyme;

1  2  3  4  the units stay the same as before

5  6  7  8  9 round up to the next ten on the line.

Click on the link below.

Watch the video explaining how to round.

Answer the questions

Complete the quiz!

Fancy a real challenge? We’ve not done this in class but have a go!


Oh! Are you ready for our topic this term? It’s a GREAT one! It’s called…

How does your garden grow?

Now, preparation is key. In school, we’d be planting loads of seeds and have lots of plants on the windowsills and seeds to plant outside. We’d be plant crazy. So, if you can, ready for in a week or so time, please try and purchase some seeds – lots of different seeds. Buy some small cheap planters and small planting pots, some compost. It’s completely up to you but we will need some seeds and plants for experiments and also some celery!

Today, we’re just going to focus on different parts of the plant.

Follow this link

Watch the video

Label the plant

Take part in the quiz

Have a rootin’ tootin’ wonderful day!