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World Book Day activities

We had a super busy but very fun World Book day.

First, we read "The Dinosaur that pooped a Pirate" and then used teabags and rice to create our own treasure maps. We drew on different features and used noun phrases to name and describe them.

The next book we read was called "How many legs?". As Mrs Regan read it to us, we needed to do really quick maths to see if we could find how many legs would be at the party at the end of the book. Amazingly, Scarlett and Riley got the correct answer of 174!

We then read a story called "Troll" by Julia Donaldson, which we really enjoyed. We made some really good predictions and thought it was a funny book.

Lastly, we watched a video of an actor performing an extract from "George's Marvellous Medicine" and created our own medicine ingredients list.

Wow, we have worked really hard!