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Week 6 gallery

Friday’s work

Friday’s work 1
Friday’s work 2
Friday’s work 3
Friday’s work 4
Friday’s work 5
Friday’s work 6
Friday’s work 7
Friday’s work 8
Friday’s work 9
Friday’s work 10
Friday’s work 11
Friday’s work 12

Thursday’s work...

Thursday’s work... 1
Thursday’s work... 2
Thursday’s work... 3
Thursday’s work... 4
Thursday’s work... 5
Thursday’s work... 6
Thursday’s work... 7
Thursday’s work... 8
Thursday’s work... 9
Thursday’s work... 10
Thursday’s work... 11
Thursday’s work... 12
Thursday’s work... 13
Thursday’s work... 14
Thursday’s work... 15
Thursday’s work... 16
Thursday’s work... 17
Thursday’s work... 18
Thursday’s work... 19
Thursday’s work... 20
Thursday’s work... 21
Thursday’s work... 22
Thursday’s work... 23
Thursday’s work... 24

Wednesday's Work

Wednesday's Work 1 Great sorting Noah!
Wednesday's Work 2 Brody's awesome natural picture!
Wednesday's Work 3 Well done Brody!
Wednesday's Work 4 Great writing Brody!
Wednesday's Work 5 Brody having fun whilst learning.
Wednesday's Work 6 Lottie’s nature hunt.
Wednesday's Work 7 Lottie’s maths.
Wednesday's Work 8 More maths...
Wednesday's Work 9 More maths...
Wednesday's Work 10 More maths....
Wednesday's Work 11 Lottie has been busy!
Wednesday's Work 12 Favourite toy writing from Lottie.
Wednesday's Work 13 Science sorting from Lottie.
Wednesday's Work 14 Challenge completed!
Wednesday's Work 15 Harriet’s challenge.
Wednesday's Work 16 Harriet’s maths.
Wednesday's Work 17 Harriet’s toy writing.
Wednesday's Work 18 Super drawings of the animals Harriet.
Wednesday's Work 19 Sam’s spelling.
Wednesday's Work 20 Completed tasks.
Wednesday's Work 21 Super sorting.
Wednesday's Work 22 Well done Sam.
Wednesday's Work 23 Well written phonics Sam.
Wednesday's Work 24 Fabulous maths.
Wednesday's Work 25 Some more maths....
Wednesday's Work 26 A lovely written piece from Sam.
Wednesday's Work 27 Elsie and her certificate....and sister!
Wednesday's Work 28 Elsie’s toy writing.
Wednesday's Work 29 Well sorted animals Elsie.
Wednesday's Work 30 Brilliant maths work from Elsie.

Tuesday’s work

Tuesday’s work 1 Sam’s super writing.
Tuesday’s work 2 All correct!
Tuesday’s work 3 More subtraction from Sam.
Tuesday’s work 4 Mrs Ball’s quiz from Sam.
Tuesday’s work 5 Wow all correct Sam!
Tuesday’s work 6 Lottie’s crossword.
Tuesday’s work 7 Super maths.
Tuesday’s work 8 Lots of words found for todays challenge.
Tuesday’s work 9 Lottie’s quiz.
Tuesday’s work 10 Spellings practise.
Tuesday’s work 11 Elsie’s word challenge and writing.
Tuesday’s work 12 Elsie’s maths.
Tuesday’s work 13 All correct for Arthur on Bitesize.
Tuesday’s work 14 Arthur’s maths work.
Tuesday’s work 15 Harriet’s writing.
Tuesday’s work 16 Harriet’s maths work.
Tuesday’s work 17 Well done Sam!

Monday’s work....

Monday’s work.... 1 Sam’s super work.
Monday’s work.... 2 All correct Sam!
Monday’s work.... 3 Maths work from Sam.
Monday’s work.... 4 Sam’s song.
Monday’s work.... 5 Sam’s lovely drawing.
Monday’s work.... 6 Sam’s spelling work.
Monday’s work.... 7 Sam’s phonics.
Monday’s work.... 8 Elsies song.
Monday’s work.... 9 Elsie’s adding work.
Monday’s work.... 10 A super face using natural materials from Elsie.
Monday’s work.... 11 Harriet’s lion.
Monday’s work.... 12 A lovely song from Harriet.
Monday’s work.... 13 ‘Lottie’ using nature.
Monday’s work.... 14 Lottie’s history.
Monday’s work.... 15 Maths work from Lottie.
Monday’s work.... 16 Lottie’s song.
Monday’s work.... 17 Aimee’s natural picture.
Monday’s work.... 18 Zac is writing Thankyou cards...
Monday’s work.... 19 What a lovely idea Zac!
Monday’s work.... 20 Great work Brody N!
Monday’s work.... 21 Well done Brody N!
Picture 1 Lottie's amazing NHS cape!
Picture 2 Elsie's beautiful Superhero Cape!
Picture 3 Lottie's fantastic flower with labels!