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Log on to Mathletics - you'll have a new task assigned called "Compare numbers to 100". What you'll have to do in this one is compare numbers...up to 100. The clue's in the name, really. We'll be using special signs that you've probably seen in Year 2:



We use these to show which number is bigger.

Here's an example question - it's drawn the same way we drew the tens and units last week.


Which number is bigger? Well, we can see that those 8 tens and 5 units make 85 a lot bigger than the 1 ten and 7 units in 17.


But should we use > or <?


A quick tip to understand these symbols is that the 'open' side is a bit like a crocodile's mouth, and a hungry crocodile would always choose to eat the bigger meal!


Smaller number < bigger number.


Bigger number > smaller number.


See how it points each time? So we'd want 17 < 85.