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Summer 2 week 1 gallery


Elsie’s ‘baddy’ apology letter.
Harriet’s maths answers and her apology letter.
Harriet’s Design and Technology work.
Sam’s rocket list.
Sam’s apology letter.
Sam’s maths.
Wow a great rocket!
Design and Technology 3d shapes.
Sam’s spelling practise.
Lottie’s Maths and her apology letter.
Examining packaging.
Her finished 3d shape.
Lottie’s half term fun....
Isabel’s apology from the Highway Rat.
Brody's beautifully neat letter!
Super list Brody!


Elsie’s rocket.
Super maths from Elsie.
Matching French- merci Elsie!
Harriet’s maths.
Lottie’s rocket list.
Super writing lottie!
Lovely letter!
Harriet enjoyed the Kim’s game challenge.
Well matched numbers.
More French...
Great maths from Sam.
Well matched numbers from Isabel.
Isabel’s conversation in French


Isabel’s super writing.
Great picture Isabel!
Harriet’s maths.
Great order for the post Harriet.
Brilliant writing Elsie.
Super maths from Elsie.
What a star- cleaning out the truck.
Lottie has been busy...
Great habitat work Lottie.
Good measuring.
Noah’s super maths.
Good spelling work....
Isabel doing her good deed!
The fox Isabel spotted.
Fabulous writing.
Habitat work.
Word work from Isabel.
Sam has been busy with his maths.....
And writing...
And measuring.
Good habitat work Sam.
Great spelling practise.
Super writing Brody N!
Well done Brody n!
Sunshine fun!


Zac’s lovely letter.
Zac enjoying his pool.
Harriet’s amazing work.
Super labelled Jolly Post lady.
A great Gruffalo from Harriet.
Great maths work from Harriet.
More capacity work from Harriet.
Elsie’s carnival outfit.
Elsie’s super work!
Isabel’s rocks she painted.
Having fun in the pool!
Super words Isabel.
Great labels.
I love the labelled photographs!
More labelled photographs from Isabel.
Lottie has been busy.
Super maths work.
A fabulous costume.
Written her envelope.
Practical maths measuring.
Lottie hard at work.
Sam’s maths.
More great work.
Well done Sam.
Super practical work.
A great carnival outfit Sam.
A great labelled postman from Sam.
Great spelling.