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Week 10 Friday

Well a happy Friday morning you gorgeous Year 3's!

Can you believe it?! Miss Collins and I get to teach you for a whole year! 

I hope you're all as excited as we are!

Let's have a look at what you busy bees have been up to.

Ellie has been working hard on her Maths and Literacy

Max also worked hard to research the meaning of the words and on his column addition

Lily has been working on her fractions

Isla produced some great Maths and Literacy work too.

Max was fond of the paper aeroplane task!

Miley has been working hard, baking and making a beautiful fairy house!

Such busy little workers! Impressive Year 3, well done!

Okay, thinking caps on!



Using the information from yesterday and any of your own research, create a mind map to show all that you have learnt about the Wright brothers.


Include all the key information that you have found out and add some pictures/drawings too. Can you include any of the new vocabulary that you explored yesterday?




Is today the day you listen to some more from The Enchanted Wood? Or are you heading over to Reading Eggs? The choice is yours!



I am extremely impressed with your efforts in column addition this week. Your reward? Some SUPER HARD questions! Yay! Challenge is on Year 3! How many questions can you answer?

Word Problems


1. Jack has 425 conkers and he finds another 317 conkers. How many conkers does Jack have altogether?


2. In the hall, there are 752 children. Another 219 children enter the hall. How many children are in the hall overall?


3. 637 children are in the swimming pool. An extra 264 children enter the swimming pool. How many children are in the swimming pool?


4. 497 apples are on the ground. 173 apples fall to the ground from the apple tree. How many apples are on the ground?


5. In the library, there are 451 books. At lunch time, the children return 371 books. How many books are in the library after lunch?


6. Scruffy the dog ate 627 bones and then an extra 134 bones. How many bones did Scruffy the dog eat?


7. My dad gave me 36p and my mum gave me 66p. How much do I have altogether?


8. There are 593 ants marching in a line. 234 ants join the line and start marching. How many ants are marching in total?


9. There are 312 apples and 499 pears in the bowl. How many fruits are there in total?


10. There are 361 ducks and 350 swans on a lake. How many birds all in all?


11. Martha starts with 172 cards. She gets 483 cards from Emily. How many cards does Martha end up with?


12. There are 621 blocks. 229 blocks are added. How many are there overall?


13. If there are 166 erasers in a box and Patricks puts 661 more erasers inside, how many erased are in the box?


14. Louise collects 235 stickers. Louise’s father gives her 685 more. How many stickers does Louise have?


15. I have 243 chocolates and Sam gives me 271 more. How many chocolates do I have?


In topic next week, we're going to be creating a detailed life cycle of a plant.


So - today, WITHOUT ANY RESEARCH - I would really like you to draw/write what you think the life cycle of plant is. 


How does it start?

What does it need to grow?

How does it grow?

How long does it grow for? (depends on the plant you pick)

How tall does it get?

How does it start to look?

What happens next?


Come back at 2pm for special announcements.

Have a lovely time learning!