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Sum 2 Wk 4 Thursday

Another day done team!  Well done everyone!


Apologies to Dragonflies and some of Lilypads - you had no Reading Eggs assignment today as you have completed all of the Year 1 lessons now so from now on just carry on working thought your maps and lessons each day!


I hope you make the most of the weather this evening as I think we are going to see some of the wet stuff tomorrow! 


Have a lovely evening,


Mrs E x 

Morning team!


Wow!  How hot was it yesterday?  I love the sunshine but it was a little too hot for me!  More sun today though so get the suncream and hats out!  


Hope you get on ok with the work today - maths on Bitesize, Literacy from the Lancashire plans.  I have set you a Pobble task again for the topic work like you had a couple of weeks ago - choose to do 1 or both of the tasks from the links below (the first link is just the picture and a bit of background detail about the story it is from).  If you wanted to you could try writing part of the story!  I hope you like the picture I chose!


Have a lovely day everyone,


Mrs E x



Morning Year 1 - that was a very hot day yesterday wasn't it! I think today is going to be the same!


I have a craft challenge for you today! Could you make a sunshine? You could use paints, pieces of card, crayons - whatever you think looks good! Get creative laugh you all have some amazing ideas!

Hope you have a lovely day, stay cool laugh Mrs Ball