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Week 5 Wednesday

Hometime again!

It's been so nice having two of our class in today; we've had a lovely time outside and they have been playing lots of playground games which reminded us of our Literacy unit earlier this year. They wanted to know what was happening with our caterpillars today so we sent Georgia a message and she took a photograph to show there's still no chrysalis!


Well done to everyone who has emailed photos today, have a look at what people have been busy doing.


Tomorrow will be our last day of home learning this week as it's bank holiday on Friday for VE Day.


Until tomorrow, enjoy the rest of the glorious sunshine

Mrs Hill

Good morning everyone,

Sorry I'm a bit late this morning; believe it or not, I was stuck in a traffic jam on my way to school!


I'm sure our caterpillars are teasing us! When I got home yesterday there were still no changes and this morning all four caterpillars were happily munching on the food! I'll keep you updated of any changes during the day; Georgia is keeping an eye on them at home.


For your Literacy you will be watching a video clip a few times like we do in class so you understand it fully. Maths and Topic are on BBC Bitesize. Don't forget your Reading Eggs lesson.


Today's challenge:

On my walk this morning I saw 3 dogs, 2 cats and 1 bird. How many animal legs did I see?


Have a good day

Mrs Hill