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Week 5 Day 1

Good afternoon!


Well done to all of you who have been having a go at the tasks today - you have all been brilliant!  Thank you to Lottie, Harriet, Sam, Elsie, Noah, Zac and Isabel who have all emailed me examples of their work today to put into our gallery!  Also Zac, Elsie, Isabel, Sam, Harriet and Brody N have all completed their Reading Eggs assignment and Zac, Aimee, Harriet, Elsie, Noah, Sophia, Albie, Arthur and Brody N have all completed their Mathletics tasks for today too.  A busy day all round.  I have been keeping on track with all your emails and messages and also doing some online training too in between helping my girls with their work as well! wink 


Hopefully you are all enjoying the tasks being set and able to get on with them with no big problems, but please remember if something is a bit tricky or you are not sure what to do or can't fit it all in, just email me and I will hopefully be able to give you some help.  


Have any of you had a go at the Sing Up Song of the Week yet? It's a good task to have a go at if you want something practical to do for a bit of a change!  See if you can learn some of the sign language for it and send me a short video clip of your favourite part!


Right, enough from me for today, if you haven't emailed me your work yet then don't worry, there is still time and I will add it to the website later on tonight or in the morning.  Have a lovely evening - I'm off for a walk now as Mr Egan is on cooking duty for tea tonight!  Hurrah!


Bye for now,


Mrs E x


Good morning my lovelies!


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and have been busy having fun.  I have been helping Izzy tidy her bedroom crying and Mr E has been building a new fence for our back garden while Liv did some online gymnastics classes so we have been very busy!


If you have had a quick look on the Week 5 Overview section to see what tasks you have coming up this week, you will see we are using BBC Bitesize and the Lancashire plans again alongside other things. Your Mathletics and Reading Eggs assignments should be ready to go and there is a new song of the week ready for you to learn on Sing Up too called What Makes a Family? Here is the link;


I have attached a copy of the phonics Set 1, 2 and 3 sounds below for any of you who need an extra copy for your daily phonics work.  It is really important that you do your best to learn these sounds as they will help you with all of your reading not just in Year 1 but all through school so please practice them every day even if you don't manage to fit in all of the other tasks. yes


I have also added a new section to our webpage called 'Fun Times'.  I though it would be nice to share pictures of the fun things that we are all doing at home so that we can see what we are all getting up to.  I know I enjoy seeing your smiley faces on the pics that you have sent in so far.  It's a bit like the Easter Fun page but as Easter has been and gone now I thought we should have an updated version!  


Anyway, have a great day Year 1 - enjoy the tasks and I'm here if you need me!


Mrs E wink



Hello all, hope you had a nice weekend. Looks like the sun is shining again today – hurray!


Today could you draw me a picture of some thing you did at the weekend? It could be you baking, walking, playing with your toys – just something you enjoyed doing over the last couple of days.


If you want to draw it on the computer you could use the 2Paint App on Purplemash.


- Login to PurpleMash

- Click on TOOLS (pencil case icon)

- Scroll down the page a little and under the ART & DESIGN section, click on 2Paint (coloured pens icon).

- Click Launch App


You can save your pictures – remember purple button at the top left of the screen with 3 lines. Click on MY WORKand give the file a name. Parents if you right click on the picture within their folder you can share the file and send me a copy of their picture


I look forward to seeing your pictures! Mrs Ball