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Thursday 7th January

I hope that you managed to read the story of Jack Frost yesterday. At the end Jack Frost went to live at the South Pole. What do you know about the South Pole? What do you want to find out about the South Pole? The South Pole is at the bottom of our planet the Earth. There is also a place called the North Pole at the top of the Earth. Both these places are very cold and are called Polar regions. Watch the video below to find out more. You could also use the internet to find out about these places. Draw a picture or write about what you have found out.
In RE we are learning about Islam. Those who follow Islam are called Muslims. Muslims believe that there is one God and their word for God is Allah. Muslims pray in a special place called a Mosque but they can also pray in other places. Watch the video to find out about how Muslims pray. What special places do you visit? Draw a picture and label your special place.
In Maths continue to explore weight. Watch this video of Kermit the frog and his friend Grover lifting heavy and light things. What really heavy things are in your home? What really light things are in your home? Make a list or draw pictures of them. Play the game below. Look at the number or the weight of the items on the scale. The biggest number means that it is heaviest and the smallest number means that it is lightest.