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Summer 2 week 1 Wednesday

End of another day...Well it has not been the weather we are used to today. Where has the sun gone? I’ve even had the heating on for a bit today. I hope you have managed to keep busy though today with your work. Thank you to those who have emailed me with your work. Well done also to Ruby, Zac, Isabel, Ebony, Lexi Mae and Isabelle who have all got reading eggs certificates. Enjoy your night...board game evening I think for us. Although Isabel has inspired me to go for a later walk as she found a fox’s den! Have a lovely night whatever you do, 

Mrs Dixon

Good morning Year 1,  Welcome to another day of home learning. I loved hearing from some of you yesterday. Have a look at the gallery to see both school work completed and some other activities you have done. Your maths today is on Bitesize and is measuring capacity and volume and science is based on habitats. Your next lesson for Literacy involves reading part of the story of ‘The Jolly Postman’ and writing sentences for which character received what type of mail. I look forward to seeing how you get on. 

Challenge for the day....

Choose something kind to do for someone else. This could be tidying up, cleaning the car, writing a letter, making a meal....Think of something different than you have done before.

Have a lovely day everyone, 

Mrs Dixon



Hello all, hope you had a good day yesterday.laugh


Did any of you see the SpaceX rocket launch the other day? It’s always impressive to see the rockets taking off into space.


If any of you are interested in space and rockets there are some brilliant videos on BBC Bitesize. Tim Peake a British astronaut talks about what it was like in space and answers lots of questions you might have. The link below takes you to a little video about the special suits they have to wear and why.


Today, can you imagine yourself in space and write me a postcard about what it's like? You could imagine you’ve found a strange new world, or found some friendly aliens or travelled all the way to the edge of the galaxy – use those amazing imaginations you all have!


To fill in your postcard you can use Purplemash.


Login to PurpleMash

- In search type Space Traveller

- Click on Space Traveller icon.

- Click Launch App



On the images I have attached to the website I have added a couple of notes to help you.


Enjoy your day to infinity and beyond!! Mrs Ball smiley