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Summer 2 Wk 1 Wednesday

Good afternoon, I hope you have managed to keep busy in the rainy weather? It felt very strange wearing a coat when we took Flynn out for a walk earlier on!

To keep yourselves busy while it's a bit miserable outside have a look at This is the website of the company that delivers the fruit to our school. There are different activities and recipes for you to try. Had we been in school last half-term we would have been designing and making fruit kebabs so maybe you could try some at home? I was amazed looking at the website that there is a fruit or vegetable for every letter of the alphabet- go and have a look!

Until tomorrow, stay safe

Mrs Hill

Good morning Year 2! The weather has definitely changed this morning; it's currently raining here and the ground looks very wet so I think it has rained overnight. You will need to have indoor activities to keep you busy today. Maybe you could play a board game with your family? We've been playing Lucas's Harry Potter Cluedo recently. Last time Lucas beat me and Mr Hill twice!


Your tasks today are continuing with the Birds topic for Literacy. You will notice there are 5 days on the plan so you can choose which day to follow. Maths is grouping and Topic is Science work on habitats. We would have been learning about habitats last half-term if we had been in school so I'm looking forward to seeing your work.


Today's challenge:


Have a great day, looking forward to hearing from you. Don't forget the change to my email address


Mrs Hill