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Summer 2 Week 7 Monday

We've reached the end of our last've gone very quiet on me! 


I'm in school this week, even though Mrs Rothwell is not working with any 'bubbles' of children this week, she has been in getting your classroom ready for next year. She's been very busy!


I hope you've had a good day.....4 more get-ups!


Until tomorrow,

Mrs Hill

Good morning everyone. It's Monday of our last week in Year 2. Whoever would have thought this is how we would end the year? I have been so proud when you have emailed photos and videos showing what you are doing during this period of home learning. 


Your tasks this week are all on BBC Bitesize. Today; Literacy is story work, Maths is more time work and Topic is bubbles! That's a good one as we are in 'bubbles' in school!


On Friday we had the last daily challenge. A huge well done to everyone who has taken part from the first daily challenge which was set during the first week of lockdown. You will have been able to keep track of your score over the weeks so you will know which position you were in, but, who is the winner?

There has been 7 members of our class who have completed the challenges regularly (6 numbers as Sophia and Olivia were sharing a number). 

Number 12 ended with an incredible 244 points, number 13 scored 208 points, number 24 scored 180 points, number 19 scored 149 points, number 2 scored 80 points and number 4 scored 67 points. You will have seen photos of these children's challenge answers but, who is who?


Drum roll please!!!!

A massive well done to Jack (number 12) finishing in first place. So many days he must have been waiting for the challenge to be uploaded as he would email his answer within minutes!

Toby (number 13) an incredible second place.

Olivia and Sophia (number 24) sharing third place; don't worry girls, you will each get a prize.

Alice (number 19), well done on fourth place.

Luke (number 2), fifth place but always with a winning smile!

Edward (number 4), sixth place.

Prizes are on order for these places to say well done for your enthusiasm and determination. I will arrange delivery of the prizes when I have received them.


Have a good day everyone,

Mrs Hill