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Summer 2 Wk 1 Friday

Friday home-time again!

I have sent an email to all of you about our Zoom chats, if you haven't had an email send me a message.


I have chosen our 'Star' this week as someone who never fails to cheer me up, and this week I've needed cheering up due to the change in the weather! This person always has a huge smile on his face and is sending me photos of amazing activities he is doing at home. Well done Luke, keep it up!


I hope you all have a lovely weekend, I'm back in school next week so I will need to remember to set my alarm clock for earlier!

Take care, Mrs Hill

Good morning Year 2,


It's Friday already, where did that week go? Have a look at our Caterpillars section. It was exciting yesterday evening as our last chrysalis hatched and we now have our third butterfly in the net. I have also added a picture so you can see what the chrysalis look like now they are empty. The butterfly had its wings closed when I was taking the photo so you can't see the beautiful pattern on the wings but you can see how the underside of the wings are quite plain in comparison. Why do you think that is? I will keep providing flowers from the garden for food and in the packet that the caterpillars came in there was a sachet of sugar solution so I will give a little of that each day until the weather improves to release the butterfly.


Your tasks for today are continuing with the Birds topic in Literacy, challenges in Maths and a DT lesson on packaging. That's a good rainy day activity and it links with Maths for the shape work......cast your minds back to when we looked at nets of 3d shapes.


Today's challenge: