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W/B 28th Sept 2020


Today we are learning about comparing lengths in Numeracy. Please can you find three things that are shorter than 10cm and three things that are longer. Can you measure these using cubes, pasta or any other small objects that are the same size? 

Can you have a go at writing the capital letters to match lower case letters. Start with c,o,g,a,d and q. 

In Art we are going to be making clay animals. Could you have a go at creating an animal using malleable material- clay, playdough, salt dough. You could even make the play dough yourself!



Today we are focusing on Literacy. Have a go at writing your own acrostic poem linked to an animal- write the animals name down the side and then produce sentences starting with those letters. e.g. 





Practise counting in 2s, 10s and 5s. We have been singing a counting in 5s song up to 50. Topmarks have some brilliant games!

Religious Education today I would like you to listen to the parable of the lost son. how is the father in the story being portrayed as God? Who is the son meant to represent? Please draw a picture from the story and write about how the dad forgave him. Write about how your parents may have forgiven you for something. 




In Numeracy today can you measure more objects using a ruler or tape measure? Can you start at the 0 line which isn’t always at the edge? Can you make sure you start at 0, looking at the centimetres not inches. Write down the object and how many cm it is. Can you get an adult to help you measure yourself? 


In Literacy complete the poem, filling in the number and then different animals from the original. 


Choose different animals to complete the poem and 

fill in the missing numbers.




The animals went in six by _______,



They turned out the___________ because of his tricks.



The animals went in seven by ________,



The __________________ thought he was going to heaven.



The animals went in eight by ________,



The __________________ thought he was going to be late.



The animals went in nine by ________,



Came marching up in a long straight line.



The animals went in ten by ________,



The last one in was the little __________ hen.


In Geography please label the five oceans. Have a go at singing the song first....

Then label the map.....


Have a good day....

Send me the pictures of your work-