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25.2.21 Remote Learning

Morning maths brainteaser!

Magic Plant

On Friday at 9 am, the magic plant was only 2 centimetres tall.

Every twenty four hours, it doubled its height.

How tall was it on Monday at 9 am?

Morning spellings - Graffiti!

Today we're going to spray paint and draw our spellings on walls!

No, not real walls - virtual walls. Visit the Tate Gallery website here and see how artistic you can make your graffiti spellings! Send me screenshots of your best word art!

Literacy - I am learning to write a report about events in a chapter.

Today we're going to read through (or listen, see the link below) chapter 2 of The Iron Man;


We can break this chapter up into a few bits.

- Hogarth finds The Iron Man.

- Hogarth tells his father, who goes out to find him too.

- Some farmers believe him, some don't.

- The farmers find their tractors and machines all eaten up.

- They come up with an idea to trap The Iron Man.

- Hogarth traps The Iron Man.


On PurpleMash, we've a newpaper report set on your 2Dos. If you were reporting the events of chapter 2 as news, how would you do it? First of all, we'd need to talk the the people there. For example, if I were writing the part about Hogarth's father going to tell the farmers, I might want to interview a farmer.


"I thought they were both crazy when they told me about an Iron Man walking around, I didn't believe them at all!" said a local farmer.


Or in the part when they find all their machinery eaten;

"I woke up to see my favourite tractor bitten in two!" a farmer told reporters.


You can also interview Hogarth and his father - what might they have to say?


So we're recapping those key events from the chapter, and including quotes from "witnesses" - the farmers, Hogarth and his dad.

The Iron Man Chapter 2

Listen to the next chapter of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. Activities on the school website.

Maths - I am learning to solve division problems.

Two activities on Mathletics to work through today on your "Quests" - the first is a bit of a recap of our array work from yesterday:

To do this one, we need to think what the sum "24 / 4 = " means - When 24 is divided into 4 equal groups, there are __ in each group.

We can use the rows of the array to help us, since there are 4 rows (groups). How many is in each group? 6!


The second is working out problems.

There's a couple of ways of doing this.

We could count up in our 4 times table until we reach 20.

We could draw an array - we know we can have rows of 4. Count up the rows of 4 until we've counted up a total of 20 - how many groups of 4 was this?

We could keep taking away 4 from 20 until we get to 0. How many 4s did we take?

We could do a jotting. Put 4 'stacks' then share the 20 between them until there's the same amount in each one.

The answer's the same - 5.

PSHE with Mrs Rothwell

This afternoon we are exploring what stereotyping is all about, what it means and if we do it!!!


At the end of my lesson I want you to be able to write 3 sentences that people stereotype YOU about. For example, just because you are 7 people think that I should not be reading Harry Potter but the truth is that I am a really good reader and enjoy the challenge. I want it set out like this too.

Just because I am -------------------- people think that I -------------------------------------- but the truth is ............................................................................................... .

You are going to do it on a piece of paper or typed up and then send it to me at jrothwell@northern.lancs.sch



MUSIC with Mrs Rothwell

In music we are going to be looking at a song written and performed by Bob Marley called Three Little Birds. Have you heard of Bob Marley or the song? If you want to get ahead of the game you could have a sneaky listen to it before the lesson!