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Week 7 Monday

Happy Monday morning Year 3!

We're supposed to get some cheeky glimmers of sunshine during this week so fingers crossed!

Hope you've all had a nice weekend? The website is letting me put pictures on again so send in any pictures from the weekend if you like.

More smiley faces have been added to our class page, can you spot them?



Guess Who

Guys! You're not going to believe this but we are on our final week of guess who! Miss Collins will have done a guess who for everyone in the class by the end of this week!

Miss Collins Guess Who for today...

This little boy has a very infectious giggle, once he starts - we all start! He has a great sense of humour. He loves playing superhero games with his friends. He's got the moves whenever we have a boogie in class. He loves to bring in a show and tell and when it gets to question time - he knows how to entertain an audience! He loves his French bulldog puppy and is a very caring little boy. Can you guess who?



Brain's switched on.


Watch this clip all the way to the end. Try not to focus on how cute the caterpillar is. You need to make notes about the shoes the caterpillar has and which insects he gives them to.





Caterpillar Shoes

Now write some full sentences about all the shoes the caterpillar gave away.

The caterpillar gave his ...... to the ...... so that.....


Check your sentences for full stops and capital letters. 



Now you're going on a hunt. Find as many different shoes in your house as you can.

Make a list or take a picture.



Flip flops

Walikng boots




Write a sentence about each type of shoe in your house, who they belong to and why they where. You have to include the conjunction 'when'.

I wear the pink glittery flip flops when I go on holiday to a warm country.

My dad wears the heavy brown walking boots when he goes hiking,

My mum wears the stripey wellies when she walks our dog through muddy fields.


Challenge - can you swap one of the sentences round so that the conjunction 'when' is at the beginning?




Hop on reading eggs! Can anybody catch up to Isla with her super silver certificate?




Well done with your times tables last week. Still try to do work on them every day. Listen to the songs on Mathletics.

Remember - by the end of Year 3 you should know your 2, 5, 4, 8 and 10 timetables like BOOM! Answer straight away.


This week. We're going to focus on using Mathletics. We'll have lots of certificates to hand out hopefully.

Head over to Mathletics where your tasks are set :) 

If you've found the task a bit tricky, just email me and I'll send you some games to help build your confidence.




Amazing work on the Romans last week my lovelies! We'd have the most glorious display in school! So impressive what you little munchkins have produced on Purple Mash. 

Remember what you have learned? It's a lot!

We learned all about what the Romans brought to Britain.

We learned about Boudicca and why she was so important.

We've learned about daily life in the Roman times.

We've learned about Roman gods and goddesses.

Now, we're going to study The Celts today. They were very interesting people still living in Britain during the Roman invasion. 


Follow this link and then head over to Purple Mash. There's information on the task to help you too.


Don't forget, we've got a very special day on Friday called The Joy of Moving Festival. Keep your eyes peeled for clues!


Have a great day!