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Week 3 photos

Jack's non-sunflower!
Jack's story
Olivia's tractor design
Olivia and Sophia's tractor
Inspiration for Olivia and Sophia's tractor
Sophia's tractor design
Family exercise
Garden camping fun!
Outdoor learning
Toby's story
William's story
Pictures to help problem solving.
Alice's junk farm vehicle.
Jake's story so far.
Jake loving the sunshine!
Problem solving.
William's story so far.
Alice's pictures to help with the daily challenge.
Jack has 'ugly' frogs in his pond.
Wow! Look at Jack's plant.
Luke's maths work.
Busy, busy, busy!
Finding out about plants.
Ready for online learning!
Toby's story start.
Eddie enjoyed being a 'virtual Beaver'.
Hurray for bedtime stories!
Examoles of noun phrases.
Today's Literacy work.
Alice enjoying the lambs at the end of her garden.
Busy learning!
Yum, William has been baking.
Literacy work by William.