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Week 2 Day 2

Good morning everybody...I’m hoping you’re replying with good morning Mrs Dixon! What a busy day you all had yesterday. Zac was the first to guess where I was correctly...outside ‘The Crown’. My new one is below. I have made a folder of your pictures. Try and choose new places to have your picture taken. I will add the answers on Friday! I have also done a folder for the weeks work so don’t worry when you get any pictures to me- I will add a selection everynight. At the moment I know you might be doing things at different times. 

Challenge today- can you see a tree? How many words can you think of that rhyme with tree. Write a list or send me a video.


Where am I (Edward) today?



Just for fun....


Have fun with your activities today. I look forward to seeing your letters today. Remember your neatest writing. If you prefer to do on the computer you can! Choose which level you want to work at to pay for items on purple mash for maths- challenge yourself! I’m going to set up a shop today at home too so I’ll post pictures later....

Hello all, Mrs Ball again here! Thank you for sending me your pictures yesterday – looking at all of those candy houses made me very hungry! You added some great flavours and sweets! Here are a few….

In art, when drawing pictures we have recently looked at using different textures – we have used pencil, paint, charcoal, watercolour and pastels. On the computer we also have tools that allow us to make different looking textures.

- Login to PurpleMash

- Click on TOOLS (pencil case icon)

- Scroll down the page a little and under the ART & DESIGN section, click on 2Paint A Picture (tube of paint icon).

- Click Launch App (you may need to wait a couple of seconds and a menu will appear with lots of different styles to try).


The Splash and Swirly tools are fun to try! Have a look at how you can make different patterns and styles using these tools. You could try and draw one of your toys – or just get creative and make a pattern.

You can save your pictures – remember purple button at the top left of the screen with 3 lines. Click on MY WORKand give the file a name. Parents if you right click on the picture within their folder you can share the file and send me a copy of their picture


I look forward to seeing what you create! Enjoy your day, Mrs Ball


The end of another productive day at Northern/home for Year One. Thank you to those who have been in touch already...I look forward to hearing from the rest of you at some point this week. I have been busy making a shop today, as I hope you have for maths. Edward is pictured below practising counting out his coins. We are off to take another photograph ready for tomorrows Where’s Wally......