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Week 6 photos

Picture 1 Alice cracked the code
Picture 2 Jack's bedroom model
Picture 3 Lori's bedroom model
Picture 4 Lori busy doing maths
Picture 5 Luke's brothers helped crack the code!
Picture 6 Lucy's bedroom model
Picture 7 Toby busy at work!
Picture 8 Toby's art
Picture 9 Toby's literacy
Picture 10 Toby's bedroom model
Picture 11 William went for a bike ride past school
Picture 12 William has researched caterpillar life cycles
Picture 1 Alice completed her maths work independently
Picture 2 Edward's literacy work
Picture 3 Jack has been busy
Picture 4 More from Jack!
Picture 5 Olivia is very proud of her Geography work
Picture 6 Sophia has enjoyed learning about Asia
Picture 7 Olivia and Sophia's plants from school
Picture 8 Toby's maths work
Picture 9 Toby's science work
Picture 10 William's maths work
Picture 1 Alice's challenge work
Picture 2 Edward's art work
Picture 3 Edward made bunting for VE Day
Picture 4 Edward keeps measuring his plant
Picture 5 Edward's VE Day bunting
Picture 6 Luke's challenge work
Picture 7 Molly is learning about life cycles
Picture 8 Molly's plant is growing well
Picture 1 Alice's maths
Picture 2 Jack's literacy
Picture 3 Jack's broad bean plant
Picture 4 Olivia and Sophia's literacy
Picture 5 Olivia and Sophia's VE Day celebration
Picture 6 Olivia and Sophia's literacy
Picture 7 Toby's literacy
Picture 8 Toby's maths
Picture 9 William found a caterpillar
Picture 10 William's Horrid Henry invitation
Picture 11 William's literacy
Picture 12 William's maths
Picture 13 William's VE Day celebration
Picture 1 Alice's Great-Grandad flew in WW2
Picture 2 Jack's VE Day street party
Picture 3 Toby's VE Day cake
Picture 4 Mrs Dixon looking the part for VEDay afternoon tea
Picture 5 Jack's Horrid Henry letter
Picture 6 Luke's challenge answer
Picture 7 Toby's Horrid Henry letter
Picture 8 Toby's maths