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Monday 7th December


In literacy today we are writing a list to Father Christmas asking him for things we would like for Christmas. Our main focus is using commas in our list so that it flows well and makes sense. Take a look the the guidance from Friday to support with this.


Here is my example of a good letter to Father Christmas;


Dear Father Christmas, 


My name is Mrs Baron. I live in England. This years I have been really good because I have kept my house tidy and made sure I have done lots of exercise. I would really like if you could bring me a new hairdryer, a coat, a matching scarf and hat, some chocolate and a pair of new boots. 


Thank you,


Mrs Baron. 


Now it's your turn to write a letter to Father Christmas listing what you would like. Don't forget to use everything a sentence needs and those commas. 



In maths I have set you a challenge to complete these mental maths challenge cards below. Can you apply your mathematics skills to work out the answers?