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Homework task

In history, we have been learning about different explorers and the important adventures they went on. We compared the journeys and lives of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. When looking at the dates, we discussed that we couldn't speak to people that would have been alive when Columbus discovered America but that we might have people in our lives that remember or even watched the moon landing.


We thought it would be really interesting to speak to people that remember such a significant historical event. I have attached a sheet with some questions on that your child could ask somebody who was alive in 1969 - this could be a grandparent/ great grandparent/neighbour/family friend and so on. Please do not worry if there isn't anybody in your child's life that they could ask.


Responses can be written on the sheet, recorded as a video, drawn as a poster - the possibilities are endless! My questions are just a starting point to help.