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Easter Fun

What have you been up to over Easter?  Have you managed to have some fun over the holidays even though we have all had to stay at home?  Send me some pictures showing what you have been up to and I will share them on this page so that we can all see how each other have been getting on! 


My Easter has been quite busy, we have had 2 birthdays to celebrate (Izzy was 11 and then I had a much bigger one!) and lots of chocolate to eat!  It's a good job we have been walking every day!  Here are a few pictures, I can't wait to see yours!

My Izzy turned 11 and made her own Quidditch cake!
We have been clapping every Thursday for the NHS!
Izzy has started learning to make yummy pancakes!
We have been for lots of walks together!

What have we all been up to?

Elsie made an Easter Bonnet!  Looks fab!
Lottie's Easter has been so busy!
Aimee the Easter Bunny!
What a fantastic snail hotel!
Brody and his sister made a beautiful rainbow!
That pizza rock looks yummy!
Can you guess which film Isabel's pics are from?
Isabel's Easter fun!
Super growing Isabel - what will they be?
Isabel this looks so yummy!
Harriet and her brother enjoying the sun!
Outdoor fun for Isabelle!
Cheeky faces!
Such fun Isabelle!
Isabelle they look yummy!
Super rock painting Brody!
Mac enjoying the outdoors!