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26.1.21 Remote Learning

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Literacy - reading and discussing poetry


The hole in the wall                                                

There is a garden I know,
with an old dry stone wall


I wonder who lives there,
perhaps no one at all.


Maybe a spider with spots brown and gold,
a mouse with a family to keep from the cold.


A slithery snake could climb into the gap,
a hedgehog curl up for a long winter nap.


The hole is quite dark so I can’t really see
but I think there are eyes staring right back at me.


It could be a toad and this is his home
or a safe place for snails until babies have grown.


For bees it is handy because they like flowers,
they could make lots of honey which takes hours and hours.


But why not a dragon who blows fire and smoke
or a home for a gnome and magical folk?


A shifty black beetle runs past my nose,
if I watch him quite carefully I’ll will see where he goes.


The floor is all earthy but I think I can see,
spotty brown toadstools as far as can be.


In the roof there’s a crack with a wee bit of light
where a ladybird likes to crawl up and take flight.


Butterflies might want to hide from the rain,
rest for a while and fly off again.


There is a garden I know with an old dry stone wall
I wonder who lives there, perhaps no one at all.


Understanding a poem:




Terms for our maths dictionary - can you explain what these words mean? You can use illustrations to help.

Analogue, digital, 12-hour clock, 24-hour clock, hour, minute, second, o’clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to, a.m., p.m., morning, afternoon, evening, night, midnight, day, month, year, leap year, hour hand, minute hand, Roman numeral, clockwise, anti-clockwise.


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