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Sophie Lancaster Foundation Visit!

Today our class had a surprise visit from Adam and Dena from the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. They asked the children to look at a variety of pictures and make judgements on who they would like to be friends with and who they definitely would not want to be friends why. The children then had to explain their choices and 3 out of 5 tables chose Sophie Lancaster based on how she looked. Then Adam revealed he was her brother and told them all about Sophie and what happened to her purely because of how different she looked. The children were genuinely moved and showed great empathy towards Adam. Some of the lessons they have learnt today are never judge anyone on how they look, always think twice before being mean, never judge someone's personality on how they dress and never judge a book by its cover! Adam and Dena said the children were an amazing group who contributed some very mature and sensible ideas. Well done Year 6!