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Week 12 Friday

Good morning my lovelies!

How are we all doing today?

Let's look at what you got up to yesterday!

Max has done a great job updating his Dragon Facts folder!

Jackadoodle has been completing some lovely work on the monsters and dragons!

Miley's worked hard on her remote learning and made some buns for her brother's birthday tea party! Lovely Miley.

Great work my lovelies! Thank you for sending it in. 


Let's get learning!



Read this poem The Monster Sale by Brian Moses:




You will need to register with LoveReading4Kids to view the extract. Membership is free).

Now read There’s a Monster in My School Bag by David Windle:


Write a poem about your monster that you created yesterday. What does your monster like to do? Does it live in a particular place? Does it eat certain things? Use your fact file from yesterday to help you. As you write, keep reading your poem aloud to check you are happy with it. When you have finished, perform your poem to your household!



Reading Eggs! Reading Eggs! Reading Eggs! 

Or! Listen to a little more of The Enchanted Wood.



Number: 7008
 Say the number
 What is the value of the 7 digit?
 Round to the nearest 100.
 Multiply by 100.
 What is the difference to 500?
 Add 101 (what is the best strategy?)
 Subtract 19 (what is the best strategy?)


 ½ of 󠆣__  = 15 What number is missing?
 ____ = Double 18 What number is missing?
11 x 4 = 󠆣____ + 2 What number is missing?




Could you write instructions on how to;
? How to house your pet.
? How to find a lost baby dragon.
? How to ride a dragon.
? How to stop your pet from entering the sewage system.
? Caring for a dragon's teeth.
? How to keep a dragon's fire bright.
? How to communicate with a dragon.
? How to teach a dragon to sing.
? How to keep a dragon amused.
? Answering dragon riddles and surviving.


Pick one!


Use Pie Corbett's instructions on how to keep a pet dragon to help you.

How to look after your pet dragon

Have a great day! Come back at 2pm for Special announcements!