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In Geography we have been looking at the place where we live and what makes our locality significant. 


Watch the video of the story 'Me on the Map' by Joan Sweeney.

Me on the Map

She shows us a variety of different maps that tell us about the place that we live. However, the book is based on a location in a different country. In our country, we have counties instead of states. 


With an adult discuss these different questions;

  • What planet do we live on?
  • What continent do we live in?
  • What country to we live in?
  • What county do we live in?
  • What town do you live in?
  • What street do you live on?


If possible, with an adult, use google maps to show the different answers to the questions. Can you find your house?



Can you draw a map of your journey from home to school? Can you draw three places you past on the way?


I have attached a document to give you an idea to help you get started. You do not need to print this out.

Describing your journey to school.