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Week 7 Thursday

The end of another day! I had a different experience today; a Maths lesson over the phone as Georgia was struggling with her school work. I much prefer Year 2 work!


I have really enjoyed looking at your work you have been busy doing today, head over to the photos to have a look.


Our caterpillar is still on the underside of the lid so as long it stays there I will transfer the lid to the net.


I'm glad the sun is shining now, I need some fresh air!

Enjoy your evening

Mrs Hill 

Good morning Year 2, I hope you are all well and enjoyed the rest of the sunshine yesterday. We had a delicious barbecue for tea last night but it seems a little bit more dreary outside again this morning. I can hear lots of birds though; they'll be enjoying the worms that are venturing to the surface in the wet weather. 


Hopefully the rain will not stay too long today. Your Literacy work is about feathers today. You might want to make some paper feathers or look for some to collect if you get out for a walk today. Make sure the feathers are clean before you pick them up and remember to wash your hands afterwards. Maths (BBC Bitesize) is carrying on with multiples of 5 today (will any of you go back to the Percy Parker song?) and Topic (BBC Bitesize) is coding which you are familiar with from your lessons with Mrs Rothwell.


When I checked on our caterpillars this morning I was pleased to see the third one has climbed to the underside of the lid, fingers crossed it stays there! If it stays there I think I will move the lid into the net as I don't want the chrysalis that have already formed starting to hatch while they're still in the pot as there is not enough space.


Yesterday's challenge shook the scores up a bit again! I wonder what will happen today?

Here goes.....


Have a good day, I'm looking forward to hearing from you

Mrs Hill