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Week 7 Gallery


Well done Aimee!
I LOVE this Lion!
Well done Brody N!
Great writing Brody N!
Harriet's great writing about Harold's story!
Well done Harriet!
Super writing Sam - good focus!
Sam's planting from one of Mrs Ball's challenges!


Isn't Harriet's zoo fantastic?
Great work Elsie!
Elsie's zoo!
Well done Noah!
Noah's zoo
Zac has been busy doing extra maths!
Ebony’s snail.
Brody and his dog.
Look at The adorable puppy Brody is getting.
Well done Sam!
Great writing today Sam!
Sam's maths
Great work Harriet!
Lottie has found a lovely work place!
Super zoo lottie!
Great work Lottie
Well done Lottie


Super writing today Elsie!
Brill maths Elsie!
Sam showed great working out!
Super facts Sam!
Great phonics from Sam!
Do you think it looks like Sam?
Harriet's anaconda is fab!
Great work Lottie!


Super maths Elsie!
Love Elsie's lolly pops!
Great work Arthur
Well done Brody N!
Super writing Brody N!
I love the measuring Sam - so colourful!
Super Zac!
Well done Zac!
Lovely writing Harriet!
Super measuring Lottie!
Well done Lottie!


Fab work Birthday girl Elsie!
Well done Arthur!
Super Sam!
Well done Sam!
Well done Elsie!
Great music choice Harriet!
Harriet's Literacy
Great artwork linked to music Lottie!
Well done Lottie!
Great Literacy Aimee!
I LOVE Aimee's Rumble in the Jungle Lion!!!