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Week 12 Wednesday

Good morning lovelies!

How are we all doing today? Hope we're all feeling brighter than the weather!

Let's have a look what you've been doing!


Isla did well in her Literacy work

Miley sent in all her hard work!

Blair has been working hard on his dragon facts!

Lily and Ben have been working hard on their tangrams in school

Ellie has worked well in Literacy!

Okay, let's get learning.

I'm glad you're all enjoying the topic theme! 




Watch and enjoy this clip, Marshmallows short film:

Marshmallows short film

Discuss these questions together:

How was the boy feeling when the monster appeared behind him?

What made the boy change his feelings towards the monster?


You are now going to retell the story from the boy’s point of view (as if you were the boy).

Remember to write your story as if you are the boy.

Write in the past tense.

As you write, try to include how you are feeling throughout.


Look at this structure to help with your writing.


You were happily toasting marshmallows on your campfire.

A monster sneaked up behind you from out of the lake.

You were terrified! Monster saw a marshmallow and began to drool.

You offered the marshmallow to the monster.

Monster wanted more so you happily gave him more until you ran out of marshmallows!

Monster turned angry and chased you.

You saw your pillow and grabbed it to hide behind.

Monster mistook pillow for a big marshmallow so you took your chance to run off!


As you write, try to include some Year 3 sentence types. Use adverbs – suddenly, silently, soon, next, eventually, etc. Use prepositions for where – above, below, beneath, within, outside, beyond, etc.




READING EGGSSSSSS - hop on! Grab a certificate. Make me smile!




Your number - 708
Follow these questions
 Say the number
 What is the value of the 7 digit?
 Round to the nearest 100.
 Multiply by 100.
 What is the difference to 500?
 Add 101 (what is the best strategy? How did you do it?)
 Subtract 19 (what is the best strategy? How did you do it?)
1. Dragon A is 139 years old. Dragon B is 163 years old.
How many years older is dragon B?



Don't forget to look after your plant! Has it changed? Is it growing well?

Find out about Chinese dragons here and how they are different from other dragons.

Now, with your new knowledge, add 5 new facts to your list about dragons!







Want a really challenging challenge? 


Try making this origami dragon. Not going to lie, I have tried 4 times now and I'm out of paper. Haha!

Have a great day!