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Wednesday 11th November



Today in Literacy we are focusing on orally retelling the story 'Jack and the Baked Beanstalk'.


Why not try to tell your grownup what happens in the story. Can you think of some actions to help you remember it?



dThis week in maths we have been exploring subtraction. 

We started by taking away a 1 digit number from a 2 digit number but today we are focusing on taking a multiple of 10 from a 2 digit number. 



Which place value column is going to change?




Have a go at some of these questions.

Use drawing of base 10 to help.


1) 17 - 10 =

2) 25 - 10 =

3) 34 - 20 =

4) 52 - 20 =

5) 55 - 30 =

6) 47 - 30 =




Today is Remembrance Day, but what do we mean?

Can you talk to your adult about Remembrance Day. 

Why do we celebrate Remembrance Day?

What is special about Remembrance Day?

Does anything happen on Remembrance Day?

Can you draw a picture of something that represent Remembrance Day?