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Week 2 Day 4

Good morning! We are nearly at our Easter holiday....I had hoped we’d do an Easter egg hunt so you will have to do one at home over the holidays and let me see your pictures. Well done again for all your work yesterday. I was very impressed with all your good deeds you did and the super writing you produced to explain it. Yesterday Wally was under the wind turbines on the way to Sharneyford- well done Harriet you guessed correctly. Where am I today?

Today’s work is to focus on change for Maths. Challenge yourself first on the level you choose on purple mash. You may set the change work out however you want...Coin you have at the top and then how much you spent underneath with the change next to it or number sentences...10p-4p=6p

I hope you enjoy thinking of the ‘bucket list’ of things you are going to do once the isolation is over....make sure they are achievable! 

Your topic activity should be really fun. We have painted ours this week- Toby drew and painted his and Edward fingerpainted a sun I had drawn. They have gone in their windows to join the rainbow. Another lovely idea we will be doing today is adding a teddy for we are going on a bear hunt. I’ll see if I can spot any today and let you know!

Your challenge today is to find 3 containers and then choose a yoghurt pot or cup and see how many it takes you to fill each one. 

I hope you have a lovely day.

Mrs Dixon

Hello Year 1 – not long until Easter now! I think I’ve eaten 3 of Ethan’s Easter Eggs already, but don’t tell him!


I have a little Easter challenge for you today – can you design an easter egg? Imagine a big chocolate egg with fancy wrapping! You could either draw it or have a go on Purplemash. 


Attached is a file with lots of different easter egg templates that you could colour or paint, or you could use the Purplemash template:

- Login to PurpleMash

- In search type EASTER

- Click the EASTER Folder (One with the basket)

- In the Paint Projects click EASTER EGG

- Click Launch App

In this App you can play around with lots of different patterns and colours – lets see who can create the most exciting egg! 

Have a lovely day, Mrs Ball

End of a cold and wet day unfortunately. I hope you have all managed to still get out and get some fresh air between the showers. One more day to go with remote learning before you can have a break for two weeks. I have been very busy today helping Toby with his work, Edward recognising animals and completing my own work for rest for the wicked!!!

I will upload your pictures and work before midnight smiley Thank you again for all your emails- they are cheering me up. Especially as I have had some new people email me today. I will let you know in the morning who virtual shooting star is in the morning too. It has been very difficult as you have all worked hard!!

Have a lovely evening, I think we are playing Jenga tonight. I unfortunately didn’t win at Grandpa’s Great Escape last night. 

Mrs Dixon