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Our School Council

Our School Council represents the views of all our Northern pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community. Every class at Northern has a "Have Your Say" box which links to our UNICEF Rights Respecting School Award specifically to Article 12 which says that every child has the right to express their views freely and that their views should be taken into account when decisions are made. School Council members meet regularly to discuss issues that matter to the children and together with our Senior Leadership Team, devise ideas and strategies to make Northern the best that it can be.

Our Mission Statement


We want to implement change to make our school even better.

We hope to create a safe and healthy learning environment.

We hope to give every pupil in our school a voice.

We will give full attention and support towards any pupils who have concerns of any kind.

We constantly set new targets for ourselves and work hard to achieve them.

We ensure also that all children in school have their voice heard by holding regular class council meetings.



Northern's School Council.