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For todays maths work we are going to focus on number bonds to 20.

When we talk about number bonds, we are thinking about pairs of number that add up to a certain number.


Previously in Year 1, you have been taught your number bond to 10. Can you remember and tell your grown up any number bonds to 10?

As we are growing up and are in Year 2 we are going to focus on our number bonds to 20.


Watch the Friends of 20 Video and see if you can remember any of the number bonds you hear or see in the video.



Do you notice anything about number bonds to 10 and number bonds to 20?


Can you colour in the tens sticks to help you work out your number bonds to 20. Don’t forget to write your number sentence below.

I have provided an example.






Once you have done that, why not have a play on the game below.
Just click the link.