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Week 1 Day 4

That's Day 4 done.  Well done to Elsie for her first set of work emailed to me today, lovely to see how different children are getting on with different tasks.  Team Year 1 staff hope you are all ok and washing those hands!  Good luck tomorrow for Day 5!

Mrs E

Good morning everyone!  Welcome to Day 4!  I'm at home today with it being Thursday but I'm still online throughout the day to help and support you if you need me as I am being 'Mrs Egan' to my girls today who are going to be getting on with their home learning soon. I'm not sure how they will feel about their Mummy being their teacher - he he!


So today, 2 more Mathletics tasks please, remember if you get more than 2 questions wrong, have a little practice with an adult then have another go.  As well as that can you practice counting forwards and backwards (if you can) in 2's, 5's and 10's.  Try and be physical when you do this, can you count while going up and then down the stairs?  Go out into your garden (the sun is shining!) and hop or jump or swing or bounce on a trampoline while saying the numbers, have fun with it, send me an email or photos showing me how you decided to practice like Lottie did yesterday.


For Literacy I'm looking for some examples of beautifully written sentences, show off your handwriting skills and think carefully about making sure your sentence makes sense and choose the right places for those Capital letters!  I look forward to reading your silly sentences!


The topic task will hopefully be interesting for you all, looking at families from a different country and comparing their lives to yours.  


Have a good day team, I'm here if you need me,


Mrs E


Hello Year 1, Mrs Ball again!

Did any of you try the Joe Wicks PE session yesterday? You would have all laughed if you could see me trying the Spiderman move!

I have another PurpleMash challenge for you today! We have recently worked on drawing pictures of our family members. Can you now draw some of your family members (including pets) on the computer?

- Login to PurpleMash

- Click on TOOLS (pencil case icon)

- Scroll down the page a little and under the ART & DESIGN section, click on 2Paint (coloured pens icon).

- Click Launch App

We have used this App many times so I know you have some great skills to show on here. Remember you can change the size of the pen at the bottom using the sliding scale, and if you make a mistake and want to rub out try and use the black arrows in the top right of the screen (rather than the tricky rubber tool).

You can save your pictures – remember purple button at the top left of the screen with 3 lines. Click on MY WORK and give the file a name. Parents if you right click on the picture within their folder you can share the file and send me a copy of their picture


I look forward to seeing your pictures! Have a good day, Mrs Ball