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Week 10 Tuesday

Good morning!

How are we all today?

Did you guys all get the thunder and lightening yesterday evening too? I loved it! Heavy rain, jumping in the puddles, then hot bath and sit on the sofa with a hot chocolate and a great film. Bliss!

Let's see what you lot have been up to!



Max has been a little superstar and produced a beautiful poem! He's also completed some excellent column addition!

Max B has also been a superstar with his column addition!

Ellie also had a good go at writing her own poem.

Ollie wrote a fantastic letter as the Giraffe in the zoo!

Reading? Thinking caps on Year 3!


Watch and enjoy this clip from Peter Pan:


Peter Pan - Flying to Never Land [HD]

I wish we could fly to Never Land, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever! T...

Imagine that you are Wendy. You are writing a letter to you best friend to tell them all about your first experience of flying. (See the example below). Think about the events that happened to you, how you were sprinkled with dust and then how you could fly. What did you see as you were flying? How did you feel as you were flying? Try to include some of the new words that you
found for flying yesterday.
Could you also include some prepositions (describing position or direction, they tell you WHERE something is) in your description? E.g. above,below, beneath, within,
outside, beyond.
Example Letter
Dear …,
You won’t believe what happened to me today! I have been flying! Peter, from Neverland, sprinkled some magic fairy dust on me and I could fly! We all soared up into the sky and glided past the tallest of buildings. At one point we were right next to Big Ben! (Etc.)
Remember to read back through your work to check that it makes sense. Check that you have punctuated your work correctly.



Hop on to Reading Eggs! More certificates please, more, more, more, more, more! 




Well done with the column addition yesterday! I am very impressed and so proud that you all remembered from class time! Yay! Here's some more for today! 

Column Addition



Okay, so... remember how I gave you the choice last week and the week before to listen to The Enchanted Wood? Well, if you have already started, you may have got to the point already...

Listen to this clip, the reader describes a tree. An incredible tree. You're going to draw it for me! I'll post the illustrator's idea of what the tree looks like tomorrow! Have fun!


Enchanted Woods by Enid Blyton Audiobook

To go straight to the description of The Faraway Tree go to 30minutes in exactly. I strongly suggest you listen to the story from the beginning if you haven't already listened. Sit yourself in a quiet room and enjoy!

Well my lovelies, have a great day. I'm only an email away if you need me!