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W/B 30th Nov 2020



Today our focus is Literacy.  We have been trying to develop our sentences this term.  Can you get a grown up to tell you these sentences, one at a time and then hold them in your heads.  Write the sentence down and then check for full stop, capital letter, finger spaces and all of the words included.  Ask your grown up to then check for you and help you with any spellings.


The dragon blew fire. 


Edgar was happy with Ava.


The people were cross with him.


We are also thinking about how to use question marks correctly. Can you think of and write down 5 or more questions that you might ask about the Great Fire of London?  e.g. What is the name of the road that the fire started in?


In PSHE we are talking about medicines.  Talk with a grown up about these questions and write down some of your ideas if you can;


What are medicines?

How do we take medicines?

Why do we use them?

Are medicines good or bad?

Where should we keep medicines?

Do we always need medicines?

What happens if we take too much medicine or the wrong medicine?

Who should be in charge of medicines? 


Maybe you could design a poster about medicines and when we use them and how to use them safely?


Have a good day and send me your work


Mrs E x




Good morning and welcome to another week!  Today we are focusing on Maths skills.  Capacity - can you fill containers of different sizes so that they are half full, almost full, nearly empty.  Have you got a measuring jug at home? can you fill it to 100ml or 500ml?  Can you ask a grown up to give you some amounts to try to measure and fill.  How full do different containers look when they have 200ml of water in?  What do you notice?


In music we have been listening to different pieces of music linked to fire as part of our Great Fire of London topic.  This week have a listen to Great Balls of Fire (easily found on You Tube).  Do you like the music?  Is it fast or slow paced?  What instruments can you hear?  What picture does it put into your head?  Can you draw or write about what the music makes you feel or what it makes you think of? 


Also don't forget Mathletics and Reading Eggs.


Send me your work today so that I can see what you have been up to.